Health and Wellness

Highview Public School staff is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students. Select from the following links or read below to learn more about each topic:

Protecting Anaphylactic Students

Anaphylaxis is a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction. For some students the trigger for the anaphylactic reaction may be a bee sting, or a food such as nuts. In the case of food it may be more that the eating of that food, but may also include the smell or the physical contact with that food. Parents/guardians must inform the school about their child's life threatening allergies and complete an emergency response form. Please read Administrative Procedure 316 - Anaphylaxis (PDF) on our board website for complete details.

Child in Need of Protection

All staff members have a duty to act in a child's best interests if they are aware of any harm to a child. The health and well-being of all students is a shared responsibility and commitment among parents or guardians and district staff members. Please read Administrative Procedure 341 - Child in Need of Protection (PDF) and Administrative Procedure 342 - Family Violence (PDF) on our board website for further information.

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