Homework Guidelines

Homework and assignments extend and reinforce what has been learned in class. Students develop a sense of self-discipline, personal responsibility, and independent thinking. Completing homework and assignments in a timely fashion allows students to:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge and skill in a particular area; and
  • Receive valuable teacher feedback, which may later assist in improving the overall mark or level of the student.

Each student is expected to spend some time doing schoolwork at home to satisfy the learning skills requirements outlined in report cards.

Students can expect approximately 10 minutes of homework and home reading in Grade 1 and an additional 10 minutes with each Grade (e.g. Grade 5 = 50 minutes, Grade 8 = 80 minutes), not including unfinished work students were expected to complete during the daytime.

Please check and initial the student's agenda and expect a call from the teacher if your child is not keeping up with homework. Students who indicate that they have no homework should work on reading, reviewing notes, writing a story and/or proof reading and editing a story.

Late or Missing Assignments

The timely submission of assignments is a work habit. Work habits form part of the evaluation criteria for students' report cards. Teachers use a variety of strategies to ensure that work is submitted on time. If work is late, a teacher may require a student to complete the task through academic detention, and will notify parents to discuss consequences and next steps.

Teachers refer any issues with non-compliance, regarding the submission of work, to the principal.

Grade 7 to 10 Math Homework

Visit homework help for additional tools to assist Grade 7 to 10 students with their math homework.