Highview Public School (HPS) students participate in many fundraisers that support our programs, trips and resources for students. In the past, proceeds have gone towards the swim program, class trips, technology purchases and gym equipment. Below are some examples of ways we have fundraised but these change yearly.

Fun Fair

Parents and students enjoy our annual Fun Fair with games, food and a raffle.  Fun Fair proceeds are used towards our swim program, library donations, class trip contributions, SmartBoard and other technology equipment, outdoor kindergarten toys and new playground balls/equipment. Grade 7 and 8 students are encouraged to volunteer.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call:

QSP Magazine Campaign

This year's magazine fundraiser runs from March 19 until April 23. This is a another one of Highview's popular fundraisers. Please remember that you can order magazines at any time throughout the year. Just go online at (Highview ID 3664778).


HPS collects new and gently used snowsuits, footwear and other outerwear items in support of the Renfrew County Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN).

Campbell Soup Labels

Highview is part of the Campbell Soup Label program which provides a catalogue offering sports equipment and school supplies once the labels are redeemed. In 2012-13 we purchased hockey pads, footballs and sponge balls for our gym cupboard. Thank you to all those who have sent in and continue to send in labels for this very useful program. 

McMillan's Cookie Dough

McMillan's continues to be the most popular of our fundraisers and is generally promoted each fall. It contributes to many of our inschool projects, swimming program and gym equipment. Funds are raised to enhance the overall educational experience for all students within our school. 

Little Caesar's Pizza Kits

Our Gr 8 students again this year sold Little Caesars Pizza Kits to help raise funds for their year end trip as well as the contributing to the costs of other class trips for everyone.  This fundraiser proved to be very popular (and delicious) and our Grade 8 students wish to thank all those who contributed for their support. 

Moncion Receipt Program

Students can bring in grocery receipts for over $25 stamped by cashiers from Moncion's Metro grocery stores (Pembroke east). The receipts are redeemed for grocery items for special events and to support our Nutrition program. Thank you Moncion!